Starter Single Italic Calligraphy Pen

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This is the pen to use for the final chapter of WRITE NOW™ and the Getty-Dubay® Italic Handwriting Series Book G. It has an edged nib at 1.1mm width, perfect for the thicks and thins of italic at a 4mm or 5mm body height. It comes with two ink cartridges to get you started right away.

• Calligraphy Fountain Pen & Cap (Black);
• Edged Pen Nib (1.1mm);
• (2) Pen Ink Cartridges (Black)

Speedball’s® line of Calligraphy Fountain Pens offers an ideal combination of value, comfort and performance for aspiring calligraphers, hobbyists and fine artists. These pens feature lightweight, comfortable construction for ergonomic use as well as precisely-machined, rounded tip nibs and rich, easy flowing ink. Imported.

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